The origin story for glowmonkey…

Glowmonkey’s origin will be explained in his newest game. Under development now, the game will be first available on mobile. Plans to upload it to Steam are also in the works. The game is set in 1999, and the art style and gameplay will match that time. It will be a platformer/adventure game.

In 1999 an evil entity was discovered that planned to destroy the world. The GLS was aware of the threat, and they created glowmonkey to stop this digital monster. You’ll be able to play as glowmonkey as he encounters the entity’s army of virus stickmen. Choose Your Weapon and eliminate the enemy!

glowmonkey was created to hunt down the digital scourge.
Glowmonkey working on his Apple Clamshell to locate the enemy. Fun fact: glowmonkey was created on an Apple Clamshell just like the one in this pixel art.